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Introducing Jess: Solutions Consultant

I have been working at Away From My Desk for over 5 years now, I first started as an apprentice studying my level 3 in Business Administration. This qualification included the brief understanding of business structures, what business is and general knowledge of the business sectors. Once that was completed, I progressed onto the Level 4 Business Administration course. This course included an in-depth teaching of customer service skills, factors that affect business and potential obstacles businesses can face. 

Throughout my time at Away From My Desk, I have worked in multiple teams which has allowed me to improve several skills, learn new ones and widen my knowledge around administrative functions, communication, customer support and teamwork.

Image of Jess, one of our solutions consultants

When I first started my job, I was new to the working industry and it’s fair to say that I have improved on my customer service skills drastically. Having the understanding of how to communicate effectively, whether that is through an email or having a phone call with a customer, has helped me become better at my job. Not only that, but I work with a team that shares the same vision and we enjoy tackling problems together and sharing our different knowledge to help overcome any new obstacles.


One of my main roles as a Solutions Consultant is to provide administrative and technical support to all our customers, no matter the complexity. These support requests can be anything from a new customer being set up at a surgery, to a user being unable to log in and require a technical walkthrough. Throughout my day, I am constantly making sure that the customer’s journey and experience at Away From My Desk is as good as it can be.


As well as focusing on our individual customers, I look after our bigger clients which are mainly Clinical Commissioning Groups. My role within this duty is to gather feedback from end point users, check-in regularly with the CCG and provide this feedback, uphold a strong relationship, discuss upcoming renewal dates and complete any requested reports.


There are many aspects of my job that I enjoy but I would have to say that the technical support is what I enjoy the most. Being at the organisation for a number of years has allowed me to become knowledgeable with the frequent technical features that some customers experienced a struggle with and understand quick ways in which to fix those issues. As well as that, I enjoy having a challenge when a new error arises and manage to locate the problem and provide an instant fix.


When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and fiancé either walking around the town I live in, grabbing a bite to eat or chilling and watching the latest series on Netflix, not to mention wedding planning. Organising a wedding and trying to save for a house is what takes up most of my free time at the moment, but I love it and cannot wait to visit local wedding fairs in the early months next year.