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Introducing Beth: Solutions Consultant – Remote Access

I have been working at Away From My Desk for 4 years now; first starting as an apprentice. I studied Business Administration at Level 3 and successfully got a qualification for this. Throughout the course, I learned about stakeholders, communication, planning and much more. In my years at Away from My Desk, my confidence in communication has grown massively. As a Solutions Consultant, I am able and happy to help our customers in the most efficient way possible, whilst providing a good level of customer service.

I am very proud to be a part of the team at Away From My Desk as I feel the service we provide is very valuable to NHS workers, allowing them to work from the comfort of their own home, giving them a healthier work-life balance. Helping our customers is something I enjoy very much, whether that’s with an admin query, technical support, or an installation.

photo of beth, solutions consultant

In my role as a Solutions Consultant, I am expected to provide both administrative and technical support. Some of my day-to-day tasks include replying to emails in a quick and efficient manner, completing the renewal of licenses, answering calls from customers, completing installations of our software, and making calls to customers. As well as this, part of my role is to work as a team with my colleagues, which comes easily to me. We are lucky to be a close group and so we are able to solve problems together efficiently.


Of the many different aspects of my role as a Solutions Consultant, my favourite would have to be the renewal of customers’ subscriptions. For this, I ensure that all customers who are due to expire within 4 weeks’ time are sent across an invoice for another year’s subscription, giving them the option to carry on with our service or cancel if they would like to. As well as this, if customers decide they would no longer like to carry on with their subscription, I oversee ensuring the accounts are closed on the correct date. I deal with keeping track of the invoice numbers for each customer, the value of their subscription and the decision of their renewal which is passed onto Bekah to complete our monthly stats.


Another aspect of my role which I enjoy is overseeing the postage of our security tokens. I ensure that we are using a reliable tracking system, so that our customers receive their token within 48 hours of their request being processed. As well as this, I ensure that the correct tokens are sent to customers, as well as the correct compliment slip.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with mine and my partner’s puppy Ronny and my own family pets, Charlie and Chino. I also enjoy spending quality time with my partner, family and close friends, which I value even more now after months in lockdown. As we are a very close team at Away From My Desk, we like to spend time with each other outside of the office, whether that’s going out for food, drinks or just chilling at a girl’s night in!