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Support NHS Computers Securely

Explore the benefits of our NHS Remote Support product

What Is the best option for you?

Young woman sat at her home desk with a headset on, working on a Mac laptop, as well as a monitor with coding on the screen

NHS Remote Support

All of this from £1103.70 +VAT per Year

We provide a wrap around solution that ensures LogMeIn Rescue complies with the strict NHS guidelines originally set out in the IG Toolkit. This allows IT Support and Training personnel to access any PC, Mac or Smartphone from a web browser.

If you’re not sure which product is best for you,

Man sat at his home desk, with a Mac laptop. He is wearing a black headset, whilst talking to a customer and writing down notes, providing remote support

Find Out About NHS Remote Support

Our solution provides a customer initiated one-time connection to the target computer or smartphone, this connection has been customised so that it has altered features switched on by default:

  • The customer has priority over the mouse and keyboard and can terminate the connection at any time.
  • All connections are routed through UK servers
  • Access N3 NWW sites
  • All actions that are performed on the customers pc are fully audited. This enables the organisation to produce detailed reports of actions taken on the target machine should a dispute arise.


Away From My Desk has been specifically developed to make LogMeIn Rescue comply with the strict guidelines of the NHS.

Easy To Use

Away From My Desk is designed to allow you to remote into your clients machine, with most technicians connecting in 5 minutes.


Call us on 0117 325 0060 for support when logging in.

Work From Home

You can work from home or in a community location and support your clients quickly and efficiently.

what to expect in your trial

We know how important it is to you and your team to have full access to everything so when you take a trial you will be able to try all of its features!

Your complimentary trial allows you to try our whole system without any restrictions. Access machines from home or in the community exactly as you would when sitting in front of a machine at the office. Your trial offers a great opportunity for you to see how our NHS Remote Support can help enable you to work from anywhere at any time, so you can work smarter not harder!

  • Test out the full capabilities of our NHS Remote Support
  • Relax knowing that you have everything under control!
  • Get Instant Access to NHS Machines using a compliant solution
  • Support Available 7 Days a Week
Two men and one woman, each wearing headsets, providing remote support to customers

Customer Journey

Simply complete our trial form online, which takes less than two minutes.

Send us your company Logo and we will configure a portal for your customers to access your support or training service

Spend your time testing out new ways of using your new remote support connection to see how much easier can make your life. Try your newfound freedom to go for a nice dinner perhaps!

You will be sent a quotation to take a subscription, just click accept and you subscription will continue for a year without any interruption. If is not for you, just let us know.

Black headset placed on top of a white Mac keyboard, with glasses blurred out in the background

Working With The NHS

We have been working with customers within the NHS for over 16 years, helping them to access their work machines from remote locations, initially working with NHS partners such as BT N3 and Cable and Wireless and latterly through our own solution.

Whether you choose to use your connection to work more flexibly from home, so you are able to attend events or simply to spend more time with your families, or whether you choose to work in the community, from nursing homes, private schools or elsewhere we have been providing secure Remote Access to help achieve this.

Working in the community has never been safer, with all the risks around lost, stolen or misplaced machines being a huge risk when working with such sensitive data and even more so with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) the financial risk is higher than ever before whilst the loss of personal data has always been awful. With our solution, you can carry a laptop with no information on aside from a web browser and still be able to securely access all of your client records, documents and in fact, anything on your work machine so you are able to offer your full services from anywhere, including prescriptions!

We have over 25,000 users of our services all over the country from the remotest Scottish Highlands down to the bottom of Cornwall! We offer a fully managed service with excellent customer service so that you get the best experience with us and aim to help make your connection as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on what you do best.