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We provide secure, user-friendly remote access solutions for the NHS, allowing healthcare professionals to update patient records remotely while ensuring compliance and top-level security.

Our mission is to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and work-life balance with tools like YubiKeys for simplified logins.

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Change the way you work

They say you will never look back on your life and wish you had spent more time working. With this in mind, we want to help you spend more time with family and friends; those you love, to give you memories that you’ll never forget! Our aim is to help you achieve these memories by giving you more time through changing the way you work.

A secure and reliable system

Away From My Desk helps people access their computer from anywhere at any time. By providing secure remote access primarily to NHS primary care, we are able to dedicate ourselves to the highest levels of security ensuring each session is secured.

Our bespoke solutions have been developed to conform with the strict guidelines for accessing information securely, compliant for use within the NHS, other government organisations and businesses alike.

Whether you are a non-technical user or an IT professional, you will find that the customer service and technical support is tailored to you so that you understand every step of the process.

Work smarter not harder

Helping and supporting our customers is of the upmost importance to us, we want to help those who help others, to provide the best care possible. We don’t believe that working the longest hours possible provides this, although sometimes it can be a necessity! We believe that by being able to work when and where the customer wants to, they have the means available to them to work smarter and not harder. 

We believe that with the right tools primary health care can be transformed to a place where people are happy, less stressed and can provide the best possible healthcare without compromising their own health!


We strive for continuous improvement in our systems and provide education, formal training and a great work environment for our team. This ensures that they can develop to their highest potential and give our customers the best service possible.