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Working With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as a persistent pain that goes on for longer than 12 weeks, despite medication or treatment. Chronic pain is common among the working population, studies show that this pain affects between 8% and 60% of the population and trying to deal with the day-to-day management of this, on top of working a full-time job can be too much for some people to handle. Due to this it is important for employers to consider how long term pain can affect employees work and how best to help them through this, for example working from home could be very beneficial to some employees 

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It is important to manage and support people who are experiencing a chronic pain condition, making sure they feel understood and listened to can reduce some of their stress surrounding this. For some people, they may feel more comfortable working from home, this is made possible with our NHS Remote Access. This allows them to feel safer and more relaxed, because they are working from the comfort of their own home, this in turn can increase efficiency and ensure that they are able to complete all of their tasks for the day. It is important that where possible employers listen to their employees and authorise these requests if they can.  


One of our customers at Away From My Desk vouches for the fact that working from home using our NHS Remote Access has enabled her to continue working despite having a chronic pain condition. Joanne, an administrator from Maidstone wrote the following review for us..


“I can honestly say that being able to work from home has been the single most important thing which has enabled me to continue working with a long-term pain condition. I am able to still feel very much part of the team at the surgery and working remotely using the reliable and easy to use service, I can do all the tasks my work role entails.” 


 As we can see from the above testimonial, being able to still feel as though you are part of the team despite working from home is great for morale; this can be helped through our NHS Remote Access because we provide the user a mirror image of their work computer screen and use it just as they would in the surgery. Using Away From My Desk not only allows users to have more freedom regarding where they can work, but also when they can work. For example, some customers may find that their pain is worse in the morning and eases off within a couple of hours; with the help of our service, they could have a few hours off in the morning and then login and get on with their work once they feel their pain has subsided. This can dramatically reduce staff members stress levels and pain, which in turn could reduce staff absences. This is a major benefit as it removes financially worries from the staff member, but also the stress and time that it takes to find cover for and absent employee. 


 We have had many customers mention how having the freedom of Away From My Desk has greatly improved their work life balance and they feel less stressed by using our service. Do you have a long-term condition which could be made more comfortable by working from home? Why not sign up for a 30-day free trial of Away From My Desk today!

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