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Pricing Calculator

We’ve recently added a new feature to our website, which we are hoping will help our new and existing customers to find the information they need, as quickly and efficiently possible. We noticed that one of the most common queries we receive through our website are pricing enquiries, and so wondered how we could make this process easier for our customers.


Close up woman using calculator and laptop with paperwork on her desk

We decided to build our Pricing Calculator which works in real time, calculating the cost of your surgery’s subscription, taking into consideration how many users and PCs you require. All of our customers have different surgery set ups, and so we split our licensing into two separate parts: the user, and the computer. This allows surgeries to tailor their subscriptions to choose how many users and PCs they need, rather than having to purchase the same amount of both and essentially wasting money.


This calculator allows you to choose up to 30 users and up to 30 PCs and gives an instant total price (excluding VAT), without the need to contact us for a formal quote and so saving time. Underneath, there is also a price breakdown table to show the price per license. If you’d like a quote for more than 30 licenses or would like to know more about our products and services, click here to contact our support team.