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Introducing Bekah: Team Leader – Remote Access

I have worked at Away From My Desk for over five years now and my current role is Team Leader. I started as an administration apprentice back in 2017 and have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to develop my skills in Business Administration courses at level 3 and 4, and currently Leadership & Management at Level 5.


These courses have allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge around the fundamentals of businesses including managing change in business, organisational structures, leadership styles, performance and operational management, and professional development. This has helped me to not only develop my own person skills but my teams too.

photo of bekah, team leader

Since starting at Away From My Desk I have played a crucial role in improving our internal systems and processes, streamlining them to suit the needs of our customers and our team. Our systems are now easily manageable, less time consuming and easier to follow. I am always looking for ways to improve these further, to making things easier for the team and more beneficial to our customers.

Within my role as Team Leader, I support the team of Solutions Consultants to ensure that we give the best service and support that our customers deserve, whilst ensuring the team are working to their best potential.

I am a self-confessed perfectionist with a keen eye for detail, which is very useful for ensuring that our systems and processes are correct and up to date. This is important as any slight error could cause our customers’ accounts to fault, affecting their login process. It’s also particularly important to make sure that we are adhering to legal guidelines around our customers data due to the nature of their roles in the NHS.

I tend to adapt to the participative leadership style with the team as we work best when collaborating. We get on well as a team inside and outside of work, enjoying regular meals and activities to celebrate our hard work.

There are so many aspects of my job that I enjoy, but my favourite has to be working on new projects with the team, providing development opportunities to ensure they are reaching their best potential. I enjoy providing support to my team on a professional and personal basis and like to think the team can come to me with anything.

Outside of work, I am even more of a perfectionist and love keeping my new home clean and tidy. I love home inspiration and keep up to date with new home trends on Instagram. Although, my puppy Ginny and cat Jamal make it difficult to keep the house as tidy as I’d like! Ginny comes into the office with me most days and is the best stress relief during a long day. When I am not home with Ginny and Jamal, I enjoy going out to eat with my friends and family, we have such a good range of restaurants in Bristol so there is always somewhere new to try. I also love travelling to new places with my partner, this year we went to Barcelona, our first holiday abroad since it was cancelled in 2020!