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How To Attract Staff From Anywhere!

Businesses all over the country are beginning to realise the immense opportunities provided by using remote access and teams working remotely. It offers many benefits from the offset, such as requiring less office space and often less equipment. There are other benefits you may not have even thought of including cost-saving and efficiency drives.


Many companies use administration staff away from the main office. Many of these remote workers will work standard office hours but some will work fewer core hours and then flexible hours for the rest of the week. Others will work completely flexible hours or even hours which may initially seem odd, but that can provide almost round the clock coverage.


With admin staff working late evenings or through the night can mean documents are ready for them when you leave, and ready for you when you arrive back in the morning. Obviously, this makes the most of the hours in the day and provides an ultimately efficient service.


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You can employ staff from a much wider geography meaning that your staff can live anywhere!

You can employ staff from a much wider geography meaning that your staff can live anywhere, as long as they have a good internet connection. You gain the best pick of staff from wherever you prefer, choose from the local area or within a set radius to the whole country! Average wages in different areas will vary, meaning that you can save money on staffing costs or be able to attract the best candidates by having a competitive salary for their area.


Even with GP’s, they can live hundreds of miles from the surgery, but still provide valuable services such as telephone consultations, report writing, document checking and reviews. The GP’s physically at the surgery can then focus on the face to face interactions with patients safe in the knowledge everything else is in hand.


Pharmacists can be employed as an alternative to a GP to check through repeat prescriptions before they are processed, saving valuable time and effort. 


Now you can hire from almost anywhere, you just need a little imagination to decide what roles can be remote!

Staff no longer need to live near the surgery to be a productive member of the team. Previously, candidates may not have been considered as they were too far away from the surgery or would need to relocate closer to the practice. Now you can hire from almost anywhere provided the candidate can work remotely. You just need a little imagination to decide what roles can be remote and to rethink how your surgery could work!


Have you hired staff from different geographical locations to your office? Give our remote access a try and test it with your current team!