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Introducing Rob: Managing Director

I am the original founder and creator of our Away From My Desk services and am the Managing Director. I deal with most of the behind-the-scenes issues rather than a customer-facing role. I also work across our other IT and communication companies while leaving Jody to concentrate more on developing Away From My Desk. However, I enjoy programming and the most complicated technical issues, especially those that others have been unable to resolve.

My main role is leading the strategic side of the company and listening to our team and customer reviews to ensure the company is heading in the right direction and keeping abreast of new technological developments. During covid, this meant reprogramming a lot of our back-end processes to make things run smoothly with a much larger number of customers. I also programmed new things to ensure a quick and efficient entry of new customers into our system as quickly as possible to ensure as many people as possible could work from home or elsewhere as quickly as possible during the initial phases of the pandemic.

Photo of the AwayFromMyDesk Managing Director Rob, with a dark blue background


I am passionate about learning and improving the skills of myself and those around me while supporting team members to be the best they can. This often means I spend a lot of time mentoring staff and helping them to develop their skills, especially leadership and management skills.


I have acquired a reputation for quickly grasping new ideas and concepts. Effectively combining technical expertise with commercial acumen to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I see myself as a highly driven individual who exceeds set goals without compromising levels of service. I am passionate about honing and perfecting my personal development and ensuring that I am aware of all the latest technical developments across the board.


Over the years I have enjoyed working with the British Computer Society (BCS) to achieve my fellowship and have also enjoyed being involved with the Primary Healthcare User Group within the BCS. Although I stood down as their vice-president a while ago I am keenly interested in their future developments and enjoy participating with them where possible to improve technology in healthcare.


I am inspired most when providing strategic and technical leadership and taking ownership of key projects. I have a genuine passion for Information Technology, I continuously strive to understand the bigger business picture and utilise technology to solve business issues. I am proud of the work our teams have achieved and have a passion for helping others, developing their skills and starting new businesses.

When not in the office, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and catching up on the latest Netflix series. I particularly enjoy watching films and am a Marvel fanatic. Iron Man is by far my favourite. I also enjoy cooking, especially barbeques and have recently finished renovating my house which I have really enjoyed. I am married to Jody and we have two children who have now joined us in the office, working for another of our companies which is an interesting turn of events!