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Travel Restrictions Affecting Your Work?

Travel restrictions can make it difficult or even impossible at times, to travel to your workplace for several reasons. You might not have access to public transport or a car, strikes could be happening in your area, there may be extreme weather conditions, or the pandemic has left you feeling uneasy about using public transport. The thought of how you are going to get to work in these situations can cause an unnecessary amount of stress. Our service takes this stress away, by allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home. This has proved to help many of our customers as we are able to provide a quick solution when the matter is taken out of their hands, creating a constant backup to ensure their work can still be completed. 


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It is important for our customers, especially those within the NHS, to be able to complete their daily duties, attend scheduled appointments and complete the necessary administration requirements, even when the ability to attend the surgery is take away from them. A customer of ours, Sharon, has recently expressed her gratitude to us after we enabled her to work, despite travel restrictions. 


Sharon recently contacted us regarding her concerns about her local train strikes which would impact her travel to her surgery. Sharon relies on the trains to get her to and from work as she has no alternate means of transport and so found herself in a bit of a dilemma. Sharon emailed us to find out if we could help her in the coming weeks in the case that train strikes would affect her usual train journey.  


Sharon left us the following feedback: “Away From My Desk is proving invaluable to me! At the moment there are train strikes which can affect my travel into the office. I contacted the team a couple of weeks ago and they had my login set up by the next working day when I received my security token! I was worried the token would be delivered to my surgery and I wouldn’t be able to get it if the trains weren’t running, when expressing this to the Away From My Desk team they offered to post my token to my home address which was such a relief. Even though I don’t need to use Away From My Desk every day, it is so useful to have as a backup for situations where you can’t make it into work. I imagine it is not only useful for travel restrictions, but also for isolating or if you had a child off sick from school! Knowing I have this subscription reduces the stress that comes with wondering how I would be able to continue working and being paid in any of these situations. The team are also really friendly and helpful which is an added bonus!” 


Our service allows you to work remotely from the comfort of your home whilst having the ability to access your work computer, as if you were sat in front of it in the workplace. If you are affected by travel restrictions frequently or know of upcoming disruptions to your commute, why not sign up for our 30-day free trial today by clicking on the link below! 


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