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Returning To Work From Maternity Leave

It can be a real struggle to get back into old working routines when returning to work after a period of leave for illness, parental leave, or other person reasons. It comes with a lot of stress and worry as it is but combine that with working within a stressful environment and working for long hours can make it extremely tough. Being apart from your family and/or support system after spending so much quality time with them is a big change that can bring a whole range of worries, we like to take these stresses away from you through our NHS Remote Access. 


Happy mother talking to her baby while working at home.

The flexibility that Away From My Desk provides, allows our NHS customers the opportunity to carry on working, adjusting to your new routine along the way whilst you find what suits you best. 


Whether you choose to work from the comfort of your own home to simply catch up on emails or complete admin work, Away From My Desk remote access allows you to access your work PC and therefore your NHS email account, files, documents, applications and much more. The connection is secure and reliable, as no data will be stored on your home machine; it will simply stay on the host machine. 


Our service provides you the opportunity to choose your hours, providing management allow you to! Our customers find it useful to be able to go into the surgery to see patients face to face when needed, but then having the flexibility to be able to spend time with family at home and complete any admin work around commitments.  


One of our customers, Diane, has shared her story of returning to work after maternity leave. 

“I was struggling with the idea of getting back into my work routine after being on maternity leave and wanted a way to be able to spend time with my new family, whilst still being able to do work supporting my colleagues and patients. 


 I found out about Away From My Desk from another new mum who works in the NHS and so contacted them in hopes of finding a solution. I decided to start using Away From My Desk before my return date, just to get used to it and catch up on a few emails and so signed up for a 30-day free trial. 


Their set up process was really quick and easy, and the technician guided me through the login process with no issues – despite the crying baby in the background! Using Away From My Desk has helped me to reduce my office hours to just face-to-face appointments and then I can complete my admin work around baby. 


 I am so grateful to the team at Away From My Desk for their help in changing how I work. My work-life balance is much better as I can spend quality time with my baby and partner, whilst completing my usual work duties.” 

Now, Diane is free to choose when and where she works, benefiting herself and those around her! 

Are you unsure how you will continue working in a similar situation? Why not sign up for a free 30-day trial of Away From My Desk today to see how we can help you increase your job security! 

Pregnant lady sat at her desk filling in her maternity leave into her diary