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About us

Away From My Desk is a specialist managed remote access company supplying both business and government organisations such as the NHS. Our solutions have been developed to conform with the strict rules laid out by Connecting for Health Information Governance toolkit.

Remote access, either for off-site working or support is a growing use of technology which provides much benefit to business staff, but is also an area of considerable concern relating to security of data.

Away From My Desk has developed a number of managed remote access solutions using various remote access and security technologies which ensure security of data and ease of use. We provide a fully managed remote access service which caters for the non-technical user as well as IT professionals.

Many businesses and individuals are finding our service an important part of their day to day operations and that is why we offer award winning technical support from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 12pm Saturday.

We now offer pre-booked support appointments only Saturday 12pm - 8pm and Sunday 8am - 8pm

You can try Away From My Desk for 14 Days for free with no obligation just by Clicking on the Sign Me Up Icon Below

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"I can deal with patient queries and use the practice computer from home and elsewhere. This saves me time and effort and means I do not have to stay in the practice to be in touch. The system was easy to set up and is easy and secure to access. I have found that working remotely from my surgery is invaluable."

Laurence Buckman - Chairman BMA GPC Barnet CCG

Our Clients

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