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I Am Having Issues With The Away From My Desk Token

If you are having issues using your token then please see the guide below:

How To Use The Token

  • You are using the correct token  

  • Our tokens are user specific and so if you are using an old token or someone else’s token, this will not work.  

  •  Your caps lock is not on when pressing the gold circle. The token stage is case sensitive and as it works similar to a keyboard, it needs to be lower case. 

  •  The token is inserted into the PC and the correct way up. The token is a USB device and so needs to be inserted the correct way in the USB slot in order for your computer to recognise it. To check if the token is the right way up, check if the golden circle (on the physical token) lights up at all, even just for a second. If the light shows, the token is inserted the correct way. 

  • You are clicking your mouse/cursor into the token box on the login page, and then inserting the token, and then pressing the gold circle located on the security token. 
  • You are only pressing the gold circle once.

  • You are not pressing enter after pressing the gold circle

If you have ensured you have followed the steps above but are still having issues, then please contact our tech team for further support. 

If you are not able to resolve the issue you are experiencing from this guide or would just like some guidance, please contact our tech team.


Phone us on 0117 325 0060 or click here to send us a message.