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I Am Unable To Get Past The Control, Alt And Delete Stage

When you remote onto your work PC, you see a live image of the screen as it is at work. For most Windows PCs, the first step to get onto a PC is to press Control, Alt and Delete. This means that when remoting onto your work PC you must press Control, Alt and Delete to get to the next stage. 

Ctrl, Alt + Dlt is Not Logging Me In

A common error at this point is that most people will press Control, Alt and Delete on their keyboard at home. However, this simply triggers your home PC to complete the Control, Alt and Delete action and will often take you to a page like below. 

If you see this page or similar, you will just need to click cancel. 

When you are in the remote session and need to press Control, Alt and Delete, you will simply need to press the Control, Alt and Delete icon on the remote session toolbar, like below: 


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