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Away From My Desk - IG Tool for Logmein
Away From My Desk - Prices
Annual Per Connection
Single PC
£ 192.00
3 -5 PCs
£ 174.54
6 - 9 PCs
£ 160.00
10-19 PCs
£ 147.69
20 + PCs
£ 137.14

All Prices Exclude VAT

"Away From My Desk has negotiated a number of deals with CCGs and CSUs across the UK the above grid does not reflect these deals."

Away From My Desk uses UK Servers

Away From My Desk - IG Tool for Logmein

What is Away From My Desk - IG Tool for LogMein ?
Away From My Desk - IG Tool for LogMein has been specifically developed to make LogMein Free and Pro² comply with the strict rules laid out with in the NHS IG Toolkit. This product adds multifactor biometric authentication, UK only routing and NHS compliant audit trail logging to the best of breed security features already found in LogMein Free and Pro²

How Does it Work ?
Away From My Desk - IG Toolkit for LogMein provides you anytime, anywhere access to your PC or Mac's files and applications. From the convenience of a web browser, you can work with a remote computer securely as if you were sitting right in front of it

Why Do I Need it ?
This product will save you time and allow you to work in a different way because it allows you to access any program on your desktop pc you can work from home or in a community location such as a nursing home or private school and update patient records in real-time.

Why can't I use Logmein ?
Traditional businesses are not subject to the same rules as government organisations, these rules exist to protect data against loss. Logmein Inc takes security very seriously and has employed a security model which is the best fit for the average business, unfortunately due to the nature of the data that NHS staff access there are additional rules set out in the NHS IG toolkit that apply to all data that is accessed from outside N3. Plain Logmein does not conform to these rules, as such if you are found to be in breach of the IG Toolkit, you could have your N3 connection removed.

Is it Secure and is it Approved ?
Away From My Desk - Biometric Edition has be professionally risk assessed by over 20 CCGs/CSUs across the United Kingdom NHS.

We take security very seriously and have produced a full security specifications which details how we conform to the IG toolkit and contains a full NHS risk assessment produced for us by Lambeth PCT, if you would like a copy of this document please email security@awayfrommydesk.com for a copy.