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Away From My Desk and the NHS

Remote access, either for off-site working or support is a growing use of technology which provides much benefit to NHS staff, but is also an area of considerable concern relating to security of patient identifiable data.

Away From My Desk Ltd has staff with many years experience of working for the NHS in a variety of roles, including interim IT management and consultancy, and has identified security of patient identifiable data (PID) in motion as its primary goal as a service provider

We subscribe to the current industry view that organisational security may rely as much on security through engaging users as much as providing excellent security technology

Since April 2003, Away From My Desk Ltd staff have worked with a variety of NHS partners, including BT N3 and Cable & Wireless, initially to implement packaged solutions and ultimately to produce bespoke software to make remote access for NHS staff both secure and easy to use.

We have had our product range reviewed in two consecutive years by the former NHSIA and passed as meeting acceptable for use criteria by Bristol Information Governance for use by the NHS community. Our products also had a favourable review by the commercial arm of NHS Connecting for Health.

We have over 4000 users of our products across 100 CCGs throughout the NHS. We attribute the wide take-up so far to the simplicity of the product and ease of use that it offers busy NHS staff.

Our product range can be installed anywhere nationwide by our professional installation team, using the same remote installation technology as is employed in the remote access solution.

What Can It Do ?
Below is a list of example uses of Away From My Desk Products:
  • Access NHS Mail
  • Manage Surgery Accounts
  • Access NWW Sites
  • Print prescriptions and update patient records at home or in the community
  • Access any clinical system without a link to N3
  • Use your desktop pc as if you were sat at your desk in the surgery
  • Print documents in the surgery while making house calls
  • Dictate Directly into the clinical system
  • Choose and Book from any location
Does it work with my Clinical System ?
Below is a list of clinical systems currently being used through Away From My Desk
  • INPS Vision
  • Microtest
Is it Approved ?
Connecting for health has devolved decision making for remote access solution to each organisation, if a PCT wished to adopt a solution they must conduct a formal risk assessment of the technology or use one from a NHS organisation they trust. Connecting for Health do not approve any solutions unless a purchase request is made by the majority of NHS organisations
Central Guidance on the use of SSL based remote access solutions
NHS Connecting for Health does not approve or recommend any single remote access solution and we have obtained the following statement with regards to use of our products

“As NHS bodies are responsible for their own network security, CfH IG (Information Governance) view this as an internal decision (by each organisation) as to whether you use this service.

CfH IG manage the national gateways to the Internet, and as this traffic will use TCP 443 (which is open through the gateways to the Internet) no intervention or approval is required from us for this traffic to pass"

We also have a number of statements from various CCG and CSU contacts which are available on request by emailing security@awayfrommydesk.com

Can I Try it ?
To access your no cost, no obligation, trial of any Away from My Desk product you just need to complete 3 simple steps! Visit our website sign up page by clicking here and sign up for a no cost, no obligation, trial

Have our installations team install your remote solution by telephone. This usually takes around 5 minutes per user and is usually processed within 4 working hours.

Try out our product to its full potential and see how it can revolutionise your life!

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